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GrapheneOS - Pixel 4a Phone

$400.00 $400.00

Ready to ship, ready to use Pixel 4a from our partners at https://mark37.com/" target="_blank">MARK37.com , please visit their site to complete your purchase. These phones have been wiped and have a custom privacy and security focused operating system installed called GrapheneOS.

Visit MARK37.com to purchase, contact us for a PROMO Code for 10% off.


GrapheneOS is the best free and open source software (FOSS) consumer ready phone on the market currently in our opinion, it is built on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) so functionality is exactly like any other Android phone, but without any Google on board. Big tech products control the average smartphone and constantly monitor, collect and sell your data. Take back control of your device using GrapheneOS, it's easier than you might think.

You can use your existing SIM card/phone number on these phones, all carriers work on this device. These are unlocked phones that can be used with any SIM card or carrier, you own the device! Main features:



Headphone jack

128GB of Storage

SIM slot

USB-C Charging and Data Port


*For more resources and information about these, please contact us.

**We also offer training courses on how to use these devices, contact us for a quote. Our main course offering currently is called DHAC (Digital Hygiene and Awareness) and is available on demand nationwide if enough students are interested.

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