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Custom Privacy & Security Focused Smartphone


We build 'de-Gooogled' smartphones for everyday personal and business use, we source the phones new or used in good condition, and flash custom software onto the phone.

Any Pixel Model 4 or higher is available to purchase, please call or email for most up to date pricing. Total cost to you is the device hardware plus the listed price to install and setup the custom operating system, apps and any other requested settings on the device.

We also include in the service, a check of the device IMEI number as well as physically checking the included cable for any malicious software to ensure the device and cable are secure and free of malware.

Custom operating system is based on Android Open Source Project and eliminates Google products and tracking from your phone for a jump start in digital privacy and security. Price is in addition to the device cost , which is typically $220-1100 depending on model phone you choose to use.

Models we can service: 

Pixel 4a, 4xl, 5, 5a, 6, 6 Pro

*Pixel 3a and 3xl are still supported, but we no longer recommend these phones due to their age and projected service life

Please contact us for consultation to ensure you get a phone that suits your needs. info@amicktactical.com

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