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Belt, Heavy Daily Duty (Cobra Buckle)


Rigger style belt with Cobra Buckle available in Black and Coyote Brown. Made from stiff heavy duty 1-23/32" width webbing rated for thousands of pounds. Buckle rated at 15KN of force, V-Ring lanyard attachment point rated at 2,500lb minimum. The Cobra Buckle is more expensive than your traditional style friction adapter but adds the ability to don or ditch quickly and securely.

Excellent for daily wear or for your tactical needs. We consider this the 'daily driver' of our belt options as it is extrememly comfortable and will last many years.

Do not rappel from this belt alone ! While it likely will never fail, we make this product specifically to attach yourself via lanyard to vehicles, boats or aircraft as a safety precaution to prevent a fall or separation from the vehicle platform, not as your primary for high angle work.

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