Who We Are

A.M.I.C.K. Tactical is a small veteran owned business located near Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington state. We officially started in 2006, but have been sewing for long before then (and still using the gear!).  Our focus is providing high quality, custom designed tactical and outdoor gear; building durable products that will not fail when tested. Working directly with our customers we are able to provide the strongest quality products and create solutions through custom projects to meet customers' needs. We are currently working on custom projects and small contracts with military and law enforcement units. Aaron brings his 20 years of Special Operations military experience to the designing of our gear, having served as both an Army Ranger and a medic in Special Forces. Currently we are working heavily on the digital front helping others secure their digital mobile and computing environments with privacy and security at the forefront. We share a strong brotherhood with past and present members of our nation's military, law enforcement, and other first responders, as well as our fellow members of the Private Security, Executive Protection and Private Investigations field. We take great pride in building the best gear for those professionals who risk their lives to safeguard our freedom and protect our communities, and have adopted an additional mission to secure our digital way of life with proven strategies to increase privacy and security through one on one consulting for individuals and small businesses.


"As a member of the military, I started out fixing and modifying the kit I was issued, and found the need for a more custom, tailored product. That led me to invest in an industrial sewing machine and begin creating products designed to meet my own military, hunting and outdoor needs. Word-of-mouth spread and based on feedback from people using my products I decided to launch my own business. I am constantly designing and testing new products and can customize any of my existing products to meet your specific needs, a valuable feature rarely available in the marketplace."    

-Aaron Amick

As we grow, A.M.I.C.K. Tactical also now provides services in the Private Investigator industry including Security, Investigations, Surveillance and Threat Mitigation, as well as Medical Training and consulting in the Emergency/Tactical/Austere Wilderness Medicine arena.

We are also providing training and custom solutions for Digital Privacy and Security, to include the use of specialized mobile phones and privacy minded, free and open source operating systems for laptop/desktop machines. 


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Have an idea you would like to bring to market? We can design and manufacture almost any quantity. Please email or call us to get started on your project!

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We stock many colors of heavy duty Cordura fabrics to create your custom product:

Coyote Brown
OD Green
Ranger Green
Woodland Camo
Mesh, Foam and Clear Vinyl